9th Coloproctology Workshop


9 am

Reception, breakfast and registration of participants

10 am

Opening ceremony

10.30 am

Amjad Parvaiz

“Does Serbia need robotic surgery?”

11 am

Ayhan Kuzu

“Splenic flexure – vascular anatomy and mobilization”

11.30 am

Alexei Karachun

“ICG for lzmph node mapping in colon cancer”

12 pm

Danilo Mišković

“Robotic revolution”

12.30 pm

Ayhan Kuzu

“Rectal carcinoma- lateral lymph node dissection”

1 pm

Nuno Figueiredo

“Complex cases – what minimally invasive colorectal surgery can do?”

1.30 pm

Alex Petrov

“Short term outcomes of COLD trial (D2 vs D3 right colon carcinoma)”

2 pm

A roundtable

3 pm

Lunch in the lobby of the cultural center

The workshop is in the process of accreditation by the Ministry of Health.